Family History

I have, in recent years, taken an interest in collecting together information on my family tree, and more generally on ensuring that precious photos and artefacts don't go missing.


How I wished I'd practiced more when I was younger! But I still love music, I listen to it every day, and I like to try to play a little.


I studied mathematics at university, and wish I'd been as enthusiastic about it then as I am now.


I think of myself as a scientist, in the sense that I consider The Scientific Method to be far and away the best method we have to investigate the world around us.


I hate Microsoft Windows, in all its incarnations. I am a keen user of the GNU/Linux operating system. Its power and flexibility amaze me more every day, just as my anti-Windows prejudices are confirmed on a daily basis

Old Motorcycles

When my father died, I inherited three old motorcycles. Oh, and three double garages-worth of other stuff, some of which is also quite interesting. One day these machines will run again.